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So I've posted the final version of my song "Twilight's End."

This piece was written as the basis for a silent, black and white film that my good friend Kara and I are making. As always, here on NewGrounds, it's free for download, so enjoy!

I'm always open to comments.


New Song

2012-03-23 22:38:41 by UponABurialGround

See that module up there? The one with the song in it?

Yup. That's "Guns Of The Patriots," one of the songs from an upcoming MIDI EP:


Check it out and give it a listen.

P.S.: This further proves what a human mind can do with 30 minutes, computers, and a knowledge of music theory.


2012-03-23 22:22:26 by UponABurialGround

Hey there.

I'm Tim Lyons, and I make music. It's as simple as that.

Here's a short list of what I do:

-MIDI Music

Most of my projects will be posted here.

And questions? Email me at DCBroodWar@Yahoo.com

Awesome. See you all later.